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I find that one of the things I most look forward to when going on holiday is getting on the plane, stowing (ramming) my bag under the seat in front of me, ordering a gin and tonic (usually before I've eaten any breakfast) and settling down to watch or listen to something that I downloaded the previous night in a panic.

So, here's a little selection of things that I think you may enjoy. Happy holidays!

1. headspace

If you're a reluctant or nervous flyer, why not download the Headpsace app. I've been boring people about it for weeks now as I've found it really helpful in staying in control of negative thoughts and keeping anxiety at bay. It takes a while to get used to it but if you're patient, you'll start to see a improvement in a matter of days.




Meditation made simple. Guided meditations suitable for all levels from Headspace. Meditation can help improve your focus, exercise mindful awareness, relieve anxiety and reduce stress.

2. top of the lake

I'm new to this BBC2 series and although season two has just started airing, you can download season one from the iPlayer now. It's a quirky mystery drama set in New Zealand and stars the brilliant Elizabeth Moss and Nicole Kidman.

3. white teeth

I really enjoyed Zadie Smith's novel, White Teeth, when it came out but was a bit wary of the TV serial - sometimes they can ruin the magic of a good book - but I needn't have worried, this adaptation by Simon Burke is brilliant. It tells the story of three families woven together across three decades in multi-cultural Britain and stars some of the best British actors.

4. UP and vanished

Following hot on the heels of the brilliant Serial and S Town, comes this tense, true crime podcast. It explores the largest case file in Georgia's history - that of the unsolved disappearance of beauty queen and high school teacher, Tara Grinstead. I love this sort of thing!

5. love island

If you're having Love Island withdrawals (!) like me then you could always watch seasons one and two - they're both available on the ITV Hub right now. Go on - I won't judge you!

6. summertime playlist

If you simply want to plug in and unwind then I've put together the perfect summer holiday playlist on Spotify - please excuse some of the more random tracks, there are some obscure family favourites on there! Perfect for by the pool or in the hire car!